Wattson Blue micro-internships – March 2018

Between 12th and 16th of March 2018, Wattson Blue played host to a few students from University of Oxford, who joined us as part of a micro-intenrship programme. The students worked on various aspects of Wattson Blue, including business development, social media management, and full stack development. It was a hugely rewarding experience for us at Wattson Blue to work with some very exciting talent from Oxford, while we hope the interns also gained some invaluable experience working in a startup environment.

Wattson Blue has more micro-internships available for 9th and 10th week of Trinity term 2018, including roles in:

Oxford students can apply for these positions via the careers website.

Clarissa and Ali alongside some of Wattson Blue micro-interns from Hilary term 2018 round