Signup Instructions for Oxford Athlete

OUWBC Training 2019

What is Wattson Blue?

Wattson Blue is a mobile app that allows you to monitor your training and well-being holistically. The app will guide you to find the right balance between stress and recovery for long-term improvements. It also provides a summary of each athlete’s well-being to the coaches to help them plan the squad’s training.

How to signup?

To sign up search for Wattson Blue on the App Store/Google Play store, or click here from your iPhone or here from your android device.
Signup and make sure you choose your club and enter the signup code. If you have already signed up as an individual, you can switch to the correct club in the User Settings page.

Activity Analysis

An important part of the app is the training analysis. This is done via Strava, which can pull in data from your Polar, Garmin, Wahoo, Suunto or any other GPS device you have. Simply follow the instructions in the app or read more about it here: This is a 2 minute one-time process, but extremely useful for you to understand more about how to train for long-term improvements.
A note on Strava privacy: make sure your activities are set to Private by default if you don’t want to share them with the world. Again this is a one off process, so do it and forget about it.
A note on Wattson Blue privacy: When you sign up, you have the option to share your data with your coach or keep it to yourself. You can also change this under User Settings. This is a tool to help you. It will massively help the coaches if you decide to share your data with them as they can adjust the training to help you, but you do not have to, and they understand that.
Any issues, questions, drop Ali a line at ali [at] or on facebook