Automatic Tagging of Activities

Activity Tags

We are super excited to introduce automatic activity tags to Wattson Blue. You have always been able to add tags to Wattson Blue activities, however, since last week, we now analyse activities that have zone information, and automatically tag the activity with suitable tags such as Endurance, Intervals, 5x5min VO2Max and more!
You can add several activity tags

Automatic tags are particularly directed at our endurance athletes; cyclists, runners and rowers.

There are various benefits to automatic activity tagging:

  • You can study whether a session had the intended (or any unintended) features!
  • You can now filter activities more easily according to their tags!
  • We will use the tags to give you nudges to make sure you are ‘training the right way’. (Although we do realise each athlete is different, there are some basic principles we should all probably follow!)


Can I add my own tags?

Absolutely! Simply use the ‘+ Add’ button in the activity page.

What if I don’t agree with the tags?

An automatically generated tag comes with a ‘?’ attached. Simply tap the tag to confirm if you agree with it (in which case the ‘?’ will disappear), or you

Approve or remove Activity Tagsdisagree with it (in which case the tag will be removed.).
Over time the algorithm should improve using your input.


Of course, if you are seeing major problems, please do email us at and we will investigate.


What do the tags mean?

Most of the tags should be self-explanatory, but here is quick summary of some of the important tags and what they mean:

  • Recovery: An activity where most of the time was spent in Z1.
  • Endurance: An activity, of reasonable length, where most of the time was spent in Z1 and Z2.
  • Z2/Tempo/Threshold/VO2Max: An activity where a large portion was spent in Z2/Z3/Z4 or Z5 and above. The activity needs to be of ‘reasonable length’ (which varies for each tag), otherwise it may not be automatically tagged.
  • Interval: An activity where we detected a few intervals in Z3 or higher. Note we do not include intervals less than 4 minutes in time.
  • Quality: This is one of our favourite tags, and it simply means you spent a substantial amount of time at top end of your Z4 or above. Current, only time spent in ‘intervals’ is considered, so generally a group ride where there is a lot of surging and accelerations may not be included. This is an important tag because as an endurance athlete you want to have 1 or 2 ‘quality’ sessions each week, however, too much ‘quality’ without enough base level training and you could fail to reach your long-term potential.
  • Intensity: An activity where a substantial period was spent at Z4 or above.

The ‘reasonable length’ and ‘substantial periods’ vary for different activity types (e.g. runs and rows are expected to be 70-80% shorter than bike rides)

Other tags

If you tag your activities as ‘Race’ or ‘Commute’ in Strava, we will also automatically tag them as such in Wattson Blue. Of course, you can add other tags as you like.
Activity Tag Filter

Filtering by tags

You can also filter your activities by tag using the filter icon in the top right hand side of the feed page. Filter and quickly find similar activities, races and more.

Final words

At Wattson Blue we love to help our athletes improve their performance by training and resting smart. This is another feature that we hope will help you manage your training alongside your recovery in order to make long-term improvements and reach your goals.

Download Wattson Blue now and learn to train and rest smart. As always, any questions, contact us.