Vassilis Ragoussis

The app has a user friendly interface that fits into the routine easily. I love how the app gives me quantitative feedback as to how […]

Abigail Killen

It’s a really simple way of tracking how I feel with instant feedback. I can easily take a morning HR using the app, which can […]

Beth Bridgman

I’ve found the app to be really helpful, particularly in identifying external factors that may have impacted performance on particular training days.

Will Geffen

It’s obviously one of the best apps of its kind out there.

Emily Hinson

As a scientist, I love the graphical feedback and trends that Wattson Blue provides on how I am feeling. I can monitor the impact of […]

Alice Roberts

It makes so much sense. I think it’s easier for people to be more honest with the app than they might be with a coach.

Eleanor Watts

Wattson Blue looks great and works. It is so accessible- everything is at your fingertips.