Athlete Solutions

Constantly driving to increase workout volume and intensity can dramatically reduce athlete's responsiveness to training, limiting and reducing improvements in performance. While all athletes need to work hard, being sensitive to your own readiness to train can be the difference between attaining peak performance or reaching a plateau, getting injured or burning out.

Wattson Blue empowers athletes by putting their physiological and mental performance indicators at their fingertips.

  • Non-intrusive, easy and fast heart rate analysis and survey measurements.
  • Provides long term analysis on a range of holistic performance factors including resting heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep performance, mental stress and mood changes.
  • Quality data analysis of these indicators and easy to understand presentation gives user critical insight their readiness to train.
  • Instant recommendations to modify workload in ‘at-risk’ athletes to avoid overtraining and maximise potential.
  • For Premium Athletes, Step Testing to measure bio-markers and precisely determine training zones.

We know that competitive athletes have organised training schedules, therefore we make sure our recommendations are compatible to your program.

While we recommend the intensity and duration of training that ‘at-risk’ athletes should aim for over the course of a week, exactly how you do this is under your control. Whatever the sport, whatever the program, Wattson Blue adapts to you.